Elastomer materials are made of polymers that are joined by chemical bonds, acquiring a final slightly crosslinked structure. Depending on the distribution and degree of the chemical bonds of the polymers, elastomeric materials can have properties similar to thermosets or thermoplastics. Some of the applications of elastomer materials include: gaskets, wetsuits, wire insulation, industrial belts, manufacture of pacifiers, medical prostheses, lubricants, mold, etc.

Style 7104/8 - Commercial Neoprene

Style 7116 - Military Specification Neoprene

Style 7126 - Commercial Buna N-Nitrile

Style 7136 - Military Specification Buna-N Nitrile

Style 7157 - Ethylene Propylene, EPDM

Style 7175 - Silicone

Style 7187 - Commercial Viton®

Style 7197 - High Grade Viton®

Style 7205 - Food Grade Nitrile

Style 7223 - Pure Gum Rubber

Style 7237 - Red Rubber (ASTM D 1330.85 Grade 2)

Style 7240 - Red Rubber (ASTM D 1330 Grade 1)

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