Compression Packing

Phelps is a major manufacturer and global supplier of a comprehensive range of compression packing for pumps & valves. Phelps braided packing is used globally in a wide range of applications in Paper & Pulp industry, Power Utilities, Waste Water Treatment facilities, Food Processing plants, Ships and Boats, and Marine applications. Phelps offers compression packing suitable for a wide range of media, environments, and equipment used in the marine industry - centrifugal, rotary, and reciprocating pumps, valves, and many other types of mechanical equipment.

Our entire staff is highly qualified in assisting customers selecting the right product for their applications. This, combined with a competitive pricing schedule affords our customers a meaningful advantage – one that will always be there.

Graphite Packing

Graphite / PTFE Packing

PTFE Packing

Aramid Packing

Synthetic Packing

Flax & Ramie Packing

Door & Groove Packing

Packing Helpers

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