Flexible Graphite

Flexible graphite increases in density through compression and compaction. Flexible graphite begins as a lower-density material, which is then compressed and densified in a contained area to the point at which the graphite component attains the proper installed density. When this happens, the fluid is contained, the graphite is properly compressed. This makes flexible graphite an ideal sealing material for high-temperature applications.
Flexible Graphite is heat and fire resistant, chemical resistant, compressible, conformable, low creep relaxation, thermal conductive, and electrical conductive
Typical Applications of Flexible Graphite include: Heat and chemical resistant gasket, seal, liner; sheet lubricant; thermal conductive seal; heat barrier; EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding and gasketing, heat dissipation, stress sensing, vibration damping, spark plasma sintering(SPS), and other thermal, electronic or electrochemical applications

Style 7500 - Flexible Graphite Sheet

Style 7501 - Flexible Graphite Sheet - Wire Inserted

Style 7502 - Tang Inserted Flexible Graphite Sheet

Style 7503 - Foil Inserted Flexible Graphite Sheet

Style 7505 - Novaphit SSTC Flexible Graphite Inserted With Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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