Open Cell Sponge

Open cell sponges have interconnecting cells, which allow air to pass through them quickly under pressure - and air is drawn back into open cell material faster when the pressure is removed. To be defined as “open-cell”, more than 50% of the foam cells must be broken open.

Good compressibility, elasticity, absorbency and surface adhesion make this type of material uniquely suited for industrial cushioning, sound absorption, environmental - dust & dirt seals, space fillers, mechanical vibration dampening, air filters, thermal barriers and insulating, and shock absorbing padding.

Style 7451 - Soft Density Open Cell Sponge Rubber

Style 7452 - Medium-Firm Density Open Cell Sponge Rubber

Style 7453 - Medium-Firm Open Cell Sponge Rubber

Style 7461 - Polyurethane Foam

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