Topog-E Boiler Gaskets

Topog-E® makes the original molded rubber gaskets that prolong boiler life and are available in sizes to fit every boiler.  Special sizes, water hydrant and chemical dome gasket prices are available upon request. Topog-E® gaskets molded from a special compound that will positively stop leakage that cause corrosion around handholes and manholes in steam boilers, water boilers and air tanks. This compound is specifically designed to provide the best resistance to the steam, heat, pressure, water and treatment chemicals of boiler applications.

Topog-E® gaskets conform to the Topography of both surfaces. 

This Topog-E® compound is also available in sheets

Style 12000 - Topog-E Boiler Gasket, Elliptical / Oval

Style 12001 - Topog-E Boiler Gasket, Oblong

Style 12003 - Topog-E Boiler Gasket, Round

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