Synthetic Packing

Phelps' Synthethic Compression Packing styles are versatile, more economical, and suitable for use as a general valve and pump packing within many industries including pulp and paper mills. All styles under this category are impregnated with special lubricants to help lower frictional heat and enhance sleeve life. Great for choise for centrifugal pumps, large mixers & agitators, reciprocating plunger pumps used in sewage treatment. 

All compression packing styles under this category adapt non-ideal conditions typical to older equipment - shaft runout, end play or misalignment, worn or scored shafts - which makes thse styles an excellent multi-purpose packing ideal for storeroom inventory. 



Style 2072 - Synthetic Packing, Lubricated with PTFE and Hi-Grade Mineral Oil

Style 2073 - Synthetic / PTFE / Centerlock (PTFE suspensoid)

Style 2075 - Synthetic Yarn Packing with Graphite

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