Phelps Compressed Gasket Material

Phelps is proud to present three new quality Compressed Gasket Materials. Phelps Compressed Gasket Materials has been thorougly tested to withstand elevated temperatures and high stress loads. The higher temperature/pressure resistance a material has, the better the overall performance will be in your application. Phelps is the only company selling this gasket material in the USA.

While some manufacturers publish the test results for the high and low temperature, and others publish test results that are performed at half the stress load, 3675 PSI. We have tested some of our competitors’ material to find they failed the Hot Compression Test at 572°F (300°C). Phelps has chosen to disclose full and accurate Hot Compression Test results.

Style 7010 - Compressed Aramid Fibre Blend With Buna-N Nitrile Binder

Style 7011 - Steel Wire Reinforced Compressed Aramid With Nitrile Binder

Style 7100 - Compressed Aramid Fiber With Buna-N Nitrile Binder

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