Fiberglass Textiles

Fiberglass products are used in many industrial, automotive, aerospace, medical, and construction applications. Fiberglass materials add strength, have low thermal conductivity, are naturally fire resistant, do not elongate or shrink, do not conduct electricity and do not decay.

Construction Applicatons:  Asphalt, concrete and bitumen roofing since fiberglass does not stretch during application, and helps to ensure an excellent waterproof finish. Roads and pavement since fiberglass decreases pavement maintenance by reducing the effects of reflective cracking caused by traffic loading, age hardening and temperature cycling

Marine Applicatons:  Insulation blankets for the ship/marine industry and gas/steam turbines, where they provide thermal and acoustic protection and are mildew and decay resistant, which makes them superior vapor barriers

Industrial Applications: Fire and welding blankets and fire-resistant protective clothing. Fiberglass is also used in various filtration products, including woven filters used to remove impurities from molten aluminum and hot gases. HEPA filters, used in clean rooms and hospitals, are also made from chopped fiberglass

Style 7700 - Fiberglass Cloth

Style 7701 - Fiberglass Gasket Cloth

Style 7703 - Woven Fiberglass Tape

Style 7704 - Woven Fiberglass Drop Warp Tape

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