Compression Packing

Compression packing finds its use in the process industries such as petro-chemical, paper and steel mills, and in the service industries like utilities, marine, water, sewage, food and nuclear. It is great for sealing all types of fluids including water, steam, acids, caustics, solvents, gases, oil, gasoline, and other chemicals over a broad range of temperature and pressure conditions.

Phelps offers compression packing for all sorts of media and equipment used in the marine industry - centrifugal, rotary, and reciprocating pumps, valves, and many other types of mechanical equipment.

Style 2024 - Graphite / PTFE with High Temp Inert Lube

Style 2105 - Flexible Pure Graphite

Style 2110 - Pure Graphite and Inconel Wire

Style 3010 - Ramie Fiber with PTFE suspensoid and special marine lubricant

Style 3014 - Pure High Grade Flax Lubricated with Quad Ingredient Compound

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