Compressed Gasket Sheet

Phelps is a global supplier of the Compressed Aramid w/ Buna-N sheets and gaskets (also called the green gasket sheets). Since Phelps' beginning in 1945, compressed gasket sheet has been an integral part of our success story. Our compressed gasket materials have been extensively tested for pressure and high temperature performance. DIN 52913 and the Hot Compression Test both demonstrate the Phelps gasket materials can withstand elevated temperatures and high stress loads.

Separately, Phelps and Frenzelit's relationship brought a revolutionary line of compressed gasket sheet to the U.S. Frenzelit's Nova Press Multi, a Compressed Graphite Composite sheet, has long dominated the compressed sheet market in Europe.Frenzelit manufacturers Compressed Sheet, Beater Addition, Textiles, Expansion Joints, Mill Board and other related products.

Frenzelit Compressed Gasket Sheet

Phelps Compressed Gasket Sheet

Compressed Gasket Sheet Helpers

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