Ring Joint Gaskets

Style 9210 - Oval, R-Type Ring Joint Gasket

Phelps Style 9210 are R-Type ring-joint gaskets in oval shape. These gaskets are applied at wide range of industry today. These gaskets fit ASME16.50, API 6B, and ASME B16.5 flanges. roughness. R-Type ring-joint gaskets maintain their integrity in for high pressure applications. These gaskets are available in ring numbers R11 to R105, 150lb - 5000lb pressure class.

Select the the flange-type, pressure-class, and the ring number suited to your application - Or call or sealing experts @ 1-800-876-SEAL for assistance
Phelps Style 9211 - R-Type Oval Ring Joint Gasket

Additional Notes
As per ASME B16.20 Types R and RX gaskets shall have a surface finish not rougher than 1.6 micro-m (63 micro in.)

Other Styles in the Ring Joint Gaskets

R-Type Octogonal



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