PTFE Protected Gaskets

Style 1200 - PTFE Envelopes - Split Type

The use of PTFE envelopes provides maximum economy for sealing all acid and caustic media pH 0-14, with most gasket material being able to be utilized as a filler gasket. Removal of used PTFE envelopes is easily accomplished due to the non-stick properties of PTFE. These envelopes are available with or without filler gaskets. Special fillers for glass or ceramic lined pipes are also available

Style 1200, being more economic, is an ideally suited gasket for standard pipe flanges locating itself within the bolt circle. Our inventory includes Style 1200 envelopes for standard flange sizes to 20", and in special sizes as well.

Phelps Style 1200 - PTFE Envelopes Slit Type

-120F/-84C to 500F/260C
Additional Notes
These envelopes are available with or without Filler Gasket Material - A variety of materials are available to suit every application

Other Styles in the PTFE Protected Gaskets

PTFE Envelopes - Machine Type

PTFE Bonded EPDM Rubber Gaskets

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