OEM & MRO Gaskets

Style 1302 - Custom Die Cut Gaskets

Dies constructed in-plant of high grade steel permit almost any flat gasket to be die cut from sheet. Automatic presses facilitate precision high speed production with maximum economy. Gaskets too large to be produced in one piece or uneconomic due to high cost of wasted material can be die cut into self locking sections. These sections are supplied separately, ready for assembly during installation.

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Phelps Style 1302: Custom die cut rubber gasket


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Commonly Ordered Materials

Ethylene Propylene, EPDM

Washers, seals, and gaskets
Silos & storage tank seals
Weather stripping & roofing material
Bumpers, architectural & window seals
Medical equipment seals, electrical connector seals
Condensate tubing for HVAC equipment, Compressor Grommets
Seals for electronics & electrical equipment, and outdoor electrical enclosures

-40°F/-40°C to 250°F/121°C
50 through 70

50 Durometer: ASTM D 2000 3BA 508 C12, SAE J200 3BA 508 C12, MIL R-3065 RS 508 C1
60 Durometer: ASTM D 2000 3BA 608 C12, SAE J200 3BA 608 C12, MIL R-3065 RS 608 C1
70 Durometer: ASTM D 2000 3BA 708 C12, SAE J200 3BA 708 C12, MIL R-3065 RS 708 C1

300% - 150% minimum (depending on durometers 50 through 70)
800 PSI minimum
Compatible exposure
Chlorine, salt water, MEK
Ozone, UV, saltwater and weather.
Water, steam, and oxidating environments
Very good low temperature flexibility
Good impact and abrasion resistance
Hydraulic phosphates and silicates, alkali, acids depending upon type and strength
2.5 lb (50 durometer EPDM)
2.6 lb (60 durometer EPDM)
2.7 lb (70 durometer EPDM)
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