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Which gaskets can I use for FDA applications?

There are quite a few classes of materials that are safe for use in Food applications, and thereby FDA compliance.

  1. Phelps Style 7205 is FDA grade Nitrile (white color), which complies with FDA regulation 21CFR177.1550. (ingredient and extract requirements). This material is safe for direct use/contact with meat and poultry applications.
  2. Phelps Style 1400 is a PTFE tape that is great for Food Processing & Pharma (this material is neither contaminating nor toxic, and complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.1550
  3. Phelps Style 2031 is FDA Food grade PTFE Compression Packing, thoroughly lubricated with a premium grade edible oil. This construction creates a multi-purpose packing for use in the food and drink industry, and parmaceutical industry.

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