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What is the right material for my application?

The answer is that it Depends !! There are 3 primary factors in deciding the material for your application 1. Temperature: What is the operating temperature, the peak temperature? 2. Pressure: What's pressure will the material be exposed to? 3. Media: What are you sealing? In General, the following material categories are recommended for these temp/pressure/media ranges 1. Rubber Materials: Temperatures to 400F, pressures to 150psi, mild chemicals. 2. Non-Asbestos Materials: Temperatures to 850F, mild chemicals. 3. PTFE Based Compounds: Temperatures to 600F, aggressive chemicals. 4. Carbon & Graphite Materials: Temperatures to 5000F, aggressive chemicals Furthermore, the following materials are recommended for various temperature ranges: 1. Silicone: 400°F-500°F (204°F – 260°C) 2. Fluorosilicone: 400°F–500°F (204°F – 260°C) 3. Fluorocarbon: (Viton™) 400°F–500°F (204°F – 260°C) 4. EPDM: >400°F (204°C) 5. Viton™ Sponge: -40°F to +450°F 6. Silicone Sponge: -100°F – +500°F 7. Conductive Silicone: -100°F – +500°F 8. Silicone Coated Fiberglass: 500°F/260°C For higher temperature gasketing applications 1. PTFE: Temperatures up to +500F 2. Graphite Laminate: Temperatures up to +875F. 3. Compressed Non-Asbestos: Temperatures up to +750F 4. Spiralwound gaskets: Suitable as a high temp gasket material to +850F 5. Graphite and Kevlar/Aramid: High temperatures to +825F 6. Fiberglass Tape & Rope: Temperature applications of +1000F 7. Ceramic Fiber Blankets: Elevated temperatures to +2300F

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